Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chiggers and other interesting creatures

One thing I'm always amazed at is the various insects and animals I see in my backyard. Now that it's dry season, the long scary brown lizards have come out in astounding numbers. Yesterday one came in my house and Zulu (yes, Lulu is now Zulu due to a gender mishap) had a ball with it! He tore off its tail and chased it. We've got iridescent flies and brilliantly colored butterflies… and chiggers. What I mistook for a possible ingrown toenail was in fact, a chigger egg sack growing in my toe. I hope you're not eating soon. If you are, skip to the next paragraph. When the "ingrown toenail" became a large inflamed area with a puss pocket and a black speck in the middle, I knew I was dealing with something else. So, I took a look at the handy dandy Peace Corps medical manual and the findings were obvious: it was indeed chiggers and the only way to get rid of them is to dig them out of your foot with a sterile needle. I devoted my Friday morning to plucking out the eggs and I was left with a hole in my toe. Ugh! But, it's been healing… slowly. Nothing heals quickly here. Nothing.

At school, we've been preparing for the end of the second sequence and I've been surprised at how quickly time is passing. In less than one month, the volunteers will be meeting at the beach for In-Service Training. We have to bring our counterparts and I believe we'll be there for four days. But they tell me the beach is very pretty and you can find some really yummy seafood. I hope that means shrimp because I've almost forgotten what a shrimp tastes like. Since the vice principal is my counterpart, he'll be enduring the public travel with me. At least I won't be alone. I'm not a fan of public travel here. But who is?

The majorettes are learning to twirl batons—and quite successfully I might add! We've designed their costumes and I have a boy on the squad now! I've definitely gotten some raised eyebrows and weird looks but I'm sure once they see him perform, they may actually think a co-ed squad is ideal. I've also been trying to organize an Art Club. I've got plenty of members but no supplies so right now we're in the process of searching for ways to acquire them.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I have no plans yet. It's possible I'll meet up with some folks to celebrate but if not, Zulu and I will splurge and buy some street meat. Ha ha. Also, Twilight the movie is coming out this Friday and it's killing me that I won't be able to see it. I've read that the producers are definitely making movies of the next two books. How does one become as lucky as Stephenie Meyer? Bah! And all this over a love triangle between a teenage girl, a vampire and a werewolf. Who knew?

Oh, if you're sending Christmas packages, I could certainly use Easy Mac and M&Ms. Mom sent me some but they didn't last long. I devoured them in the blink of an eye. Other than that, I always appreciate music, movies, photos, crystal light packets, and anything edible. I miss you guys!